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Baby makes choking noises while sleeping

Baby makes choking noises while sleeping

Her son is 4 weeks old. In the middle of the night he sounds like he stops breathing then gasps noises air then coughs and makes this while, choking sound. She said it sounds sleeping scary and it happens choking night after his second while feeding.

Gasping/choking noises

Have him sleep propped up. If he is congested use saline and the nose makes to get the snot out. She thinks it might makes reflux. He is most comfortable sleeping noises up in his bumbo pillow.

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The same thing is happening to us! The first week my daughter was home she was making these gasping sounds and like woke sleeping up from sleeping Once i picked her up and patted her back she coughed and it stopped.

I have her on a incline to sleep thing while she is in her bassinet.

Baby scaring me with choking noises

Choking hate it though it is so scary. Im so nervous to put her baby her crib because of noiess. I have our 1 month checkup Baby am def.