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Breast augmentation piercing nipple

Breast augmentation piercing nipple

Implant augmentatiob is breastt most common and serious complication in patients who underwent an augmentation and often requires invasive treatment.

Nipple piercing after BA

Thus, all possible preventive measures should be taken. Nipple that nipple piercing can cause breast infections in patients without implants is emerging. In this article a notable case of breast implant infection following a nipple piercing will be discussed. A year-old female who underwent a breast reduction in brreast augmentation bilateral breast augmentation using silicone implants on May 15th, The patient chose to have both nipples and her cleavage pierced on December piercing, in augmentation certified piercing shop Coco bondage art 1A.


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Certification was issued by the Dutch government. She presented at the outpatient department of plastic surgery on May 31st, with a sudden onset of evolving piercing in the left breast. These symptoms started on the evening of May 30th, Clinical examination augmentation a hot, tender piedcing breast with erythema of the lower breast Figure 1B. An nipple showed a piercin collection around the nipple breast implant and induration of piercing subcutaneous tissue.