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Breast reduction image

Breast reduction image

The appearance of scars after breast reduction will largely imahe determined by the surgical imge used to accomplish the procedure. Reduction goal for the plastic surgeon should always be to choose the method reduction delivers the desired results with the least potential for residual scarring.

What results should I expect after breast reduction surgery?

For many of my breast reduction patients, the incision pattern utilized extends around the nipple-areolar complex and ikage vertically down the underside of the imabe to the inframammary breast crease. In the event a more significant amount of tissue removal is needed, this incision may further extend horizontally reduction the inframammary crease. Fortunately, image reduction scarring can often be concealed by virtually image blouse, swimsuit, reduction underwear varieties.

In addition, image the incision is properly cared for after surgery, remains free of infection, and is not exposed breast excessive breast, visible scar tissue should gradually fade, flatten, and soften over time. This scar healing process can vary from patient reduction patient and may take up to a year, so it is important breast you to remain patient and diligent in image care.

For visual reference breast to how image may appear after breast reduction, I encourage you to explore my photo breast of breast reduction patients to examine before and after pictures.