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Cartmans mom sex with plumber

Cartmans mom sex with plumber

Cartmans Mom sex With plumber

Who is Eric Cartman's father? When Cartman doesn't show up plumber school for several days, Stan, Kyle and Kenny ditch class and visit his cartmans to see what's wrong. They find him in his backyard, holding a tea party with dolls and stuffed animals.

The boys are so disturbed plunber, instead of making fun of Cartman, they consult Mr. Mackey about what to do.

He tells the boys to videotape a tea party so he can study it.

Clip: A New Toilet

The boys happily comply. Later, Sex asks his mom who his father is. The problem, as Cartman soon discovers, is that his mother seems to have slept with quite a few people that night including Chef and Mr. Mom at a local watering hole. His teacher admits he with have had sex with his mother, but so did a lot of other people.