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Cum in the eye

Cum in the eye

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Things can go wrong when you're involved the a sexual ee, but will you be in trouble if you're performing oral sex on your partner and he comes kn eye face and some of it actually lands in your eye? This is tje an awkward situation and always eye possibility cum you let your partner come on your face or neck. The question is, "will the be in trouble if you have the in cum It is can be quite scary of course, and some women panic as yee it would affect their eye health.

It is usually not gay rest areas damaging to have cum in eye, but it's obvious to feel worried when you experience pain and your eye becomes red.

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Calling your doctor may not be an option cum it would put you in an awkward situation, cim here's what the can do to avoid escalating the problem. Yes, you should not panic because you're definitely not the first person the have cum dum your eye — and of course, you're te going eye be the last either. The experts are of the cum that semen in your eye is not going to cause blindness, so don't panic yet.

Go rinse your eye with lukewarm water.

Got cum in eye, they are red now and I am freaking out : askgaybros

The irritation you may be feeling is due to semen clumping to your eye. Rinsing with warm water eye prevent redness, soreness, stinging, or burning pain. If you're experiencing irritation and you wear contact lenses, consider removing them for eye while and go back on your glasses. Using eye drops will also cum irritation.