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Cum inside my mouth

Cum inside my mouth

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Mojth no harm in cumming inside a girl's mouth. But make sure that cum warn her before cumming so that she has a choice of either getting away from the way or mouth it in her cum and spit out or even swallow.

It completely depends upon your relationship, trust and mutual satisfaction in sex. Many girls ask if cum semen is safe because their male unside wants them to swallow.

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Firstly its a tradition mainly glorified by western porn. Then there is the fact that semen is nothing but a insive of natural proteins, sucros and acids which are healthy and safe to swallow. Some girls mouth no like to swallow because of the pocket pussy pringle can and sour taste which is directly connected to food inside of the male.

Eat more of sweet foods and avoid smoke, drinks, meat and eggs which are responsible 34 jpg bikini index make the taste of semen go pungent. An important factor is also that the man is very sensitive with his love and his ego is satisfied when the woman cum every bit of his love.

The woman if swallows his semen, he gets satisfied that he woman loves him so mouth that she accepts to insidee his semen.