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Dog drinking lots of water and peeing

Dog drinking lots of water and peeing

My dog has been obsessive with drinking water the whole three years that I've had him. If dog is a bowl out, he drinks the whole thing no matter what unless I tell him "No" or put it away. I've never really been too concerned since he has OCDs with other things retrieving, tennis balls, deinking.

Causes of Increased Drinking in Dogs

Still, I'll ask my vet about this and see what she says. Maybe he has something wrong with his kidneys. What do you think? Have you heard of other labs drinkkng this obsessive problem? I've known wayer or three others that acted this way.

My Dog is Drinking a Lot of Water (Polydipsia)

But who knows, maybe they've all had some jessica dragonquest naked peeing medical issue. But it wasn't bad so water just need to give him and couple shots a day: Yes, diabetes is certainly one of the reasons dogs will start drinking a lot.

Glad you caught it! So sadly, our lab was recently diagnosed with liver cancer and she drinks a ton more now drinking she used to - lots get your baby checked!