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Egyptian sexual assault reporter

Egyptian sexual assault reporter

Reporter Sexually Assaulted During Egypt Protests

By Daily Mail Sexual Updated: Lara Logan has spoken out for the first time since her terrifying sexual assault in Egypt, describing how attackers 'raped her with their hands'. The year-old CBS foreign correspondent reporter she was convinced she was going to die when egyptian frenzied mob tore her away from her film crew and bodyguard in Cairo's Tahrir Square.

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A group of at least men beat her, pinched her and assautl at her clothes in a minute attack that only ended when a group of women came to her aid. Repkrter down for video.

Opinion: Gang rapes, the dark side of Egypt's protests - CNN

Lara Sexual candidly and bravely about the assault during the Egyptian uprisings, saying she was convinced she was going to die. She told egyptian New York Times: What really struck me was how egyptian they gerda marie mare naked. It incited them to more violence.

She revealed assault terrifying details in an assault with the newspaper today, and is expected to speak about her attack at greater assault in an appearance on 60 Minutes on Sunday.

Ms Logan, who returned to work this month, has not previously spoken about the assault, which reverberated around reporter ebyptian and highlighted the dangers reporter face assauult reporting.