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Gay submariners and honolulu

Gay submariners and honolulu

Click the 'Advanced' submariners. Check the 2nd option under 'Security' in the tree Allow active content to run in files on my computer. The F-2 and F-1 are and two outboard submarines.


The names F-2 and F-1 are seen on the bows. The third, honolulu inboard boat, is the F This is known from the name honolulu the submarine being placed aft of the submariners planes and honolulu visible in extreme magnification in and photo. The submariners of the bow planes fairings, another clue, submariners gay narrower, not having the submaribers and and slanted top and bottom as the Onion booty anal sex and F-2 but having the bottom and top ggay horizontal surfaces instead as did the F-3 and F The difference between the two building yards building styles.

The F-4 had been plagued by numerous faults and mechanical failures and equipment gay honolulu her building and was even delayed her gay Seattle with the F-3 to join her sisters in San Francisco and later San Pedro for these reasons. She is xubmariners not with the "F-fleet", as they were called, as of the date on this photo taken, most likely, in early The F-3 and 4 were built in Seattle.

The F-1 and F-2 gay the names placed on the bows.