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Heavy hardcore metal

Heavy hardcore metal

Best bands to listen to for breakdowns. Parkway Drive Melodic death metal, Metalcore, Heavy metal - hardcore.

The Top 25 Punk, Hardcore, and Metal Songs of 2015

Romance is Dead 2. Dont Close Your Eyes 4. Dead Man's Chest metal. It's Hard to Speak without a Tongue 9.

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A Cold Day in Hell Despised Icon Deathcore, Heavy metal, Grindcore - 1. The Ills of Modern Man 2.

Exclaim!'s Top 10 Metal and Hardcore Albums Best of

Oval Shaped Incisions 6. Fainted Blue Ornaments 8. Solar Flare Homicide 2. A Heavy Fight with Dick Tracy 3. A Ticket for the Paralyzer 4. Off the Heezay 2.