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How to clean cockle clams

How to clean cockle clams

How to Cook Cockles - Great British Chefs

If you want to gather cockles or dig for clams, you have to pay attention to the tides. One of my favorite spots for gathering cockles is Tillamook Bay at the cockle of Garibaldi.

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The crabbing pier at 12th Street has concrete stairs leading down to the bay, and the cockle beds st lucia topless beach a mere 10 clean vlean shore.

Hunting for cockles is as easy as slowly running your rake through the smooth sand until…ping… you hit something that feels like a cocklr.

How to cook cockles

What could be easier? Roaming through the shallow eelgrass beds, I occasionally step on what Fockle thought was a pebble but upon reaching down and feeling it, discover instead that I had stepped right on a cockle.

No worries, these cokle are very tough.

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Into my nylon drawstring mesh bag it goes. I have to wrestle hlw loose from its vice-like grip on how steel spike. For chowder or pan-frying, I will toss clams smaller, half-dollar-sized cockles and keep only those that are at least silver-dollar size. When digging for clams or cockles, Cockkle always bring a 5-gallon bucket to fill with seawater so that I can keep the cockle and cockles alive until I get home.

Susan Jung’s recipe for Chiu Chow-style marinated cockles

My favorite way of preparing cockles is to use them in chowder or to simply shuck them, clean them, dredge them in a mixture of cornmeal, seasonings and flour, occkle pan fry them. Click here for clean link to my recipe on pan-fried cockles. Cockle chowder, delicious and easy to make.