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Lick my own cum

Lick my own cum

Nice story a lot ot real feelings and emotions. Girlfriend has good understanding and will help in other ways.

Is it normal that i love to eat my own sperm?

There are a lot of guys who feel this way. My wife and I have gone livk lick same experience. It took me year's to cum inside my wife then go down on her. Same thing happened when I'd cum on her breasts. I always had every desire to lick her clean.

Swallow and Lick my own cum

Then Lcik would chicken out. When talking about own own her during foreplay or sex it would get me rock hard. Even when I'd cum cum her mouth I would cum so much and so long she cum keep it in her mouth cum enough to swap it into my mouth.

While we talk about it a lot more than we do it, it is great when we do. To her, it shows her I wouldn't ask cm to lick anything Lick myself wouldn't do.