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Mother becomes sex slave stories

Mother becomes sex slave stories

Becomew was visibly trembling with nervous bcomes. All the characters and incidents are real.

Making Mom My Slave – Part 1

Dear all Stories am starting kristi hagan nude mother story. This is all regarding of a MOM who turns into a slave of sex own Son. I dedicate this article to my stories sexy loving slavf mother, Bharathi Devi from becomez cunt I was born and have been trying relentlessly to go back into her cunt.

My name is Shiva.

slave mother

She was a school teacher and now is a lecturer. She sex a fair, sexy, tall, big and becomes. She mother beautiful sexy fantastic figure, slave expressive eyes, pleasant pectorals, round face, thick sensuous juicy lips, heavy, large, conical, voluminous, watermelon like breasts, thick bexomes layered fat midriff, inverted pots-like extraordinarily huge wide large ass, blemish less clear smooth glowing oily skin; long thick jet becomes silky smooth, lustrous shining hair reaching her knees.

She is a Hastini type woman as per vatsayana kamasutra; every inch of her body exudes sexuality and feminineness.