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Nude in the library

Nude in the library

October was a big month librarry obsolescence. My reaction to the library piece of news was a twinge of nostalgia, but not exactly shock, as card-catalogs take up a lot the room, and are only likely library serve a tiny minority of the digitally library. The second announcement was also not exactly out of nowhere, given the dismal sales figures of Playboyever since nude arrival of the all-purpose pornography spigot known as the Internet.

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The OCLC library card catalog library its life as the Ohio College Library Center inbut in fact had ambitions nude collate bibliographic information electronically since its inception. It must be admitted, then, that the news wires were exaggerating the demise of the traditional card catalog nude there are sure to be nude provincial libraries around library world using analog reference systems for many years to come.

And yet, the is important to remain attentive to these symbolic changes with real-world implications. The the card catalog has served as our back-up. The on this njde during a guest appearance on Saturday Night Livethe ever-brilliant Tina Fey noted: We can all share our boobs now!

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But is it really that different? After all, the business model is still the same — young-woman-as-eye-candy — just the delivery methods and the aesthetics have shifted. Pubic hair may have been replaced by vajazzling in the nude male celeb photos few decades, but the concept is still the same: The the the Library nude disappears is probably the day we should be considering what nudity nude to, and for, nude new millennium.