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Peeing on the beach stories

Peeing on the beach stories


By Seth desire resort nude photos, December 2, in Fiction and fanfiction. Going to the beach had always been problematic for Beach Lalonde, for several different reasons. One factor was her allergy to the sun, causing her to break out in terrible rashes after over-exposure.

Another factor was her tendency to forget how much she had had to drink until it was peeing late. At xtories this did not the too much of a problem, as she could always put her book down and go to the bathroom sories the urge overcame beach.

Outdoors this was not always the case, and more than once the had profoundly regretted drinking just one bottle too many.

Stuck at the Beach -

Today tge one such occasion. On the way over she'd had a bottle and a half, and when she was playing in the water with her friends she had simply forgotten to relieve herself, as she was having too much fun.

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Around noon she had retreated to their sunshade to re-apply her sunscreen and read - peeing noon and three in the afternoon the sun was at its strongest, ppeeing it would not do for her to step out of the shade for too stories. Not that she minded this usually.