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Photo of anal fistula

Photo of anal fistula

What is a Fistula? -

Anal fistulas are fistula abscess or infected cavity is formed due to blockage of certain glands fistuula the anus. Anus is the end portion of the digestive tract through anal feces are expelled. The passage between the photo opening of the anus and the skin gets infected to form an abscess. Anal fistulas fistula caused by abscess and it can cause pain during bowel movements with photo. photoo

What is a Fistula?

anal It can be treated by surgery. Anal fistula is the major cause for the formation of anal fistulas. Even infectious disease like tuberculosis or sudden trauma fisrula trigger to form an abscess leading to anal fistulas. Some of the signs of anal fistulas include formation of photo abscess, bleeding, pain during anak movements, inflammation around the anus and pus drainage with foul smell is seen from the small opening photo the anus.

How to Heal a Fistula (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Anal people may develop fever and fatigue. Anal fistulas fistula cause irritation of the skin surrounding the anus and a throbbing pain which photo when the fjstula sits down pboto coughs. Often it can cause bleeding while making bowel movements. Your doctor will examine anal phofo region nikki sims nude pics to check if there is any external opening of the skin in that region.

He would then find anal the depth of the fistula.