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Puppy peeing a lot after vaccinations

Puppy peeing a lot after vaccinations

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Puppies First Shots: What You Should Know About First Shot

How to Use Google to Search the Forum. For all new members, please check out the thread New to the Forum? What to do and forum guidelines. Health Urine Incontinence after shots?

I posted on vaccinations not too long ago about his incontinence, and since then it has gotten a lot better, it was all going pretty smooth until peeing.

Achilles had his 12 week 5 in after shot and dewormer, Sunday morning.

Dog Peeing After Vaccination

He was fine for the rest volkswagen pornstar party the day, no signs of discomfort. First weirdest thing was that he woke up at 11am Monday morning, which has never happened Lot loved it puppy, he usually wakes up at 7: And he slept a lot as well, but all day Monday he kept peeing around the house, and it's not normal because he usually waits to go outside or barks at door.

He must've peed like times in the house, and it worries me because he doesn't do that.