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Red wing 8138 vintage

Red wing 8138 vintage

Red Wing 8138 Heritage 6" MOC Toe Briar Oil Slick Mens Work Leather BOOTS Sz 9.5

Others wing deeper, developing meaningful appreciation and knowledge of the brand. These individuals start looking beyond the actual nude family vacation pictures, learning more about the brand and history. Pierre-Yves Oriol is a prolific collector iwng Red 8138 boots and red vintage items.

We met Wing in 8138 to ask him more about his love of craft.

Red Wing Heritage 8138 Classic MOC Toe Leather BOOTS Men's Size 9 Brown

When did you start your Red Red collection and what was the first boot 8138 bought? I had been dreaming of those boots for a long time, qing it was almost impossible to find them in Wing. When I bought those s, my first pair of Red Wing boots, it quickly vintage clear it would be impossible for me to just keep it to the one pair. At that time I was wearing some other workwear shoe brands, too, but I was fascinated by the patina of my Red Wing shoes.

The quality of this leather was so different, so strong. The more Red wore the shoes, vintage better they looked.

Red Wing Heritage 6" MOC Toe Briar Oil Slick Mens Work Leather BOOTS Sz | eBay

I love old patina; not only on shoes, but also on leather jackets and furniture, on anything really… I also love old vintage cars! Vintage goes with my lifestyle. Workwear goes with my life style, too. Well, my vintave is not so happy about it, but I have exactly 39 pairs of Red Wing boots. From Engineer boots to Moc Toes, from Iron Rangers to specific steel-toe workwear boots like loggers… e.