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Trading in Domain Names for profit, and holding a large portfolio of Domain Names, are of themselves lawful activities. The Expert will review each case on its merits. Informal Mediation 7. Without Prejudice 8.

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Appointment of Expert 9. If an acceptable resolution cannot be achieved by Informal Mediation the DNC will notify the Parties that it will appoint an Expert when the Complainant has paid the applicable fees set out in paragraph B The Expert will come to a written Decision. Notification and Publication A Decision will be communicated to the Parties according to paragraph B16 and all Decisions will be published in full on the DNC website.

Fees are payable by the Complainant or otherwise according to paragraph B20 only if an acceptable resolution has not been achieved by Informal Mediation and once the DNC has notified the Parties that an Expert is to be appointed.

Decisions may contain personal information, including the contact details of the Parties, and the Parties consent to personal information being displayed in this way. Exclusion of Liability Either Party will have the right under paragraph B17 to appeal a Decision.

The Appeal Panel will consider appeals on the basis of a full review of the matter and may review procedural matters. Any Decision rendered as a result of this referral will not affect any Decision in any other previous proceedings under the Dispute Resolution Service. Appeal Decisions will not be binding precedents, but will be of persuasive value to Experts in future Decisions.

The operation of the Dispute Resolution Service will not prevent either the Complainant or the Respondent from submitting the dispute to a New Zealand court or decision-making body of competent jurisdiction or to an arbitral tribunal of competent jurisdiction. If a Complainant has obtained a Decision in previous Dispute Resolution Service proceedings it will not be reconsidered by an Expert but there may be rights of appeal, see paragraph If the Expert finds that the Complaint is a resubmission of an earlier Complaint which has been resolved he or she shall reject the Complaint without a consideration of its merits.

In determining whether a Complaint is a resubmission of an earlier Complaint, or contains a material difference that justifies the Complaint being heard the Expert shall consider the following questions: Are the Complainant, the Respondent and the Domain Name at issue the same as in the earlier case?

Does the substance of the Complaint relate to acts that occurred prior to or subsequent to the close of submissions in the earlier case? If the substance of the Complaint relates to acts that occurred prior to the close of submissions in the earlier case, are there any exceptional grounds for the rehearing or reconsideration, bearing in mind the need to protect the integrity and smooth operation of the Policy and Procedure?

Does the substance of the Complaint relate to acts that occurred subsequent to the close of submissions in the earlier Decision?

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Acts on which the re-filed Complaint is based should not be, in substance, the same as the acts on which the previous Complaint was based. A non-exhaustive list of examples which may be exceptional enough to justify a re-hearing under paragraph Implementation of Expert Decisions The Expert may not, however, make any orders directing a Party to pay costs of the Dispute Resolution Service proceedings.

If the Expert makes a Decision that a Domain Name registration should be cancelled, suspended, transferred or otherwise amended, the DNC will implement that Decision by causing any necessary changes to the Register to take place according to the process set out in paragraph B The details set out in the Complaint form will be used unless the Complainant specifies other details in good time.

Other action The DNC will not cause any Domain Name registration to be cancelled transferred, activated, deactivated or otherwise changed except as set out in paragraphs 13 and B3. Transfers During a Dispute A Domain Name registration may not be transferred: The DNC may reverse any transfer of a Domain Name registration which does not comply with paragraph The Internet is an emerging and evolving medium and the regulatory and administrative framework under which it operates is constantly developing.

For these reasons the DNC reserves the right to make reasonable modifications to the Policy and Procedure at any time.

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Except where the DNC is acting in pursuance of a statutory requirement or a court order, substantive changes will be implemented following a process of open public consultation.

Each such change will be published in advance where practicable, 30 calendar days in advance on the DNC website: General Information Communication B1. Except as set out in paragraph B1. Communication shall be made in English. E-mail communications should be sent in plain text so far as this is practicable.

During the course of proceedings under the Dispute Resolution Service, if either Party wishes to change its contact details it must notify the DNC of all changes.

Except as otherwise provided in this Procedure or as otherwise decided by the DNC or if appointed, the Expert, all communications provided for under this Procedure shall be deemed to have been received: Any communication except for communications relating to Informal Mediation between: The Complaint B2. In exceptional circumstances, the ability to accept Complaints may have to be suspended. If so, a message will be posted to that effect on the DNC website which will indicate when the suspension is likely to be lifted.

More than one person or entity may jointly make a Complaint. Where this occurs the joint Complainants must: The Complainant must send the Complaint to the DNC in hard copy and except to the extent not available for attachments in electronic form. The Complaint shall: This Complaint is not being presented in bad faith, including not being for a dominant purpose other than resolving the issue of who the proper Registrant of a Domain Name is, and the matters stated in this Complaint comply with the Policy and Procedure and applicable law.

I will advise the DNC of my decision on request. The Complaint may relate to more than one Domain Name, provided that those Domain Names are registered in the name of the Respondent.

Notification of Complaint B3. The DNC will check that the Complaint sufficiently complies with the Policy and, if satisfied, this Procedure and, if so, will forward it to the Respondent together with an explanatory coversheet within three 3 Days of the receipt of the hard copy of the Complaint.

If the DNC considers that the Complaint does not sufficiently comply with the Policy and this Procedure, the Complainant will be promptly notified of the deficiencies identified. The Complainant shall have three 3 Days from receipt of notification within which to correct the deficiencies and return the Complaint, failing which the DNC will deem the Complaint to be withdrawn.

This will not prevent the Complainant submitting a different Complaint. On receipt of the Complaint the DNC will cause the domain name to be locked until the Conclusion of the proceedings, at which time the domain name will be unlocked. The Response B4. Within fifteen 15 Days of the date of Commencement of Dispute Resolution Service proceedings, the Respondent shall submit a Response, if they choose to do so.

The Respondent must send the Response to the DNC signed, and in hard copy and except to the extent not available for attachments in electronic form at the addresses set out in the explanatory coversheet. The Response shall: If the Respondent does not submit a Response, the Parties will be notified that an Expert will be appointed on receipt from the Complainant of the applicable fees according to paragraph B20 and in the absence of exceptional circumstances.

Reply by the Complainant B5. The Reply should be confined to answering any new points raised in the Response and not previously dealt with in the Complaint. The Expert will not be obliged to consider any other material included in the Reply. If a Reply is submitted it must be submitted in signed, hard copy including four 4 copies of all annexes and as far as possible in electronic form. Informal Mediation B6. No Informal Mediation will occur if the Respondent does not file a Response.

Informal Mediation will be conducted in a manner which the DNC, at its sole discretion, considers appropriate. Компания "Атак" является опытной по вопросу регистрации домена для Новая Зеландия и с года ведет деятельность в данной области. Заросив доменное имя, выполнив шаги на экране, можно приобрести домен. Компания "Atak Domain", является лидирующей турецкой фирмой, осуществляющей регистрацию доменов для других стран. Вам нужна помощь? Свяжитесь с нами через службу поддержки Связаться с нами.

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NZ нужно оформить заказ на сайте. Процесс регистрации будет инициирован сразу после получения оплаты. Нет, доменная зона. NZ не имеет дополнительных условий. Все основные требования к этой доменной зоне указаны в таблице выше. Необходима ли ТМ или другие государственные регистрационные документы для регистрации домена в доменной зоне. Регистрация доменных имен .