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Shangri la nudist resort az

Shangri la nudist resort az

Well, I wanted to do something interesting, so I decided to check out donne mature grasse nudist resort near Scottsdale. It was so much fun.

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Let me give you a quick snap shot. Travel - 1 away from Scottsdale, AZ, very interesting drive, when you arrive at the gate, just press the intercom. Office - staff was nice, appropriate and informative. Reort think they gave great info, Rssort went back nudist for sun screen. Resotr - if you have never hiked nude, it is so fun I don't know why, 4.

Shangri La Ranch(New River, AZ ) - Photos, Reviews and Visitors

The pool, it was warm and sun was shining, so it was nice. We played volleyball for about 4 hours Food - resort a burger and fri, eat nude People - very, very friendly and appropriate. Most of us ls shangri time visitor and the regular wer fun too. I find it so interesting that perfect strangers, naked, become such open, honest people. I guess we have nothing to hide: