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Sims 2 skins nude

Sims 2 skins nude

The Sims 2 Nude Female Skins

Female anatomically correct nude skins. These are some anatomically correct skins. Scroll down They are pretty realistic "down below", so they're skins for the faint-hearted. At this stage they are just standard skins nude nipples and genitals for teen, adult, siins simz females. This is the latest version of a sims long process, trying to get something that works for both closed and open leg positions and I've put them up nude response to a request. Try 'em, and if you like them let me know.

I might be encouraged to do more work on them.

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Oh, and please do not onsell them without my permission. Artist's copyright and all that! Sims you like 'em Cheers M. Same thing, don't appear in genetic-skin-menu in new-sim-creation-tool and not in game they're no nude-default nude-skin, you don't mention skins they are.

I haven't tried them so this is just nude wild guess, but it sounds like maybe you uploaded the file from your Nude folder, mab?

Game Trainers: The Sims 2 Nude Female Skins | MegaGames

All Body Shop uploads have to be taken from your Saved Sims skins for skuns to work sims in other people's games. I like realistic pubic hair wkins my sims; any chance of your adding some?

I'd like this too.