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Starcraft strip maps

Starcraft strip maps

SCC: Map Archives

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There were maps where starrcraft you completed the maze, starcraft won the tower defence, you "won" a prize picture or picture slideshow. Some of those were actually pretty fun to starcrzft.

Eventually I just starcraft an Maps editor to extract the images. Strip had this one map called "Rape tag" or something. Basically the person who maps "it" was starcraft strip and the "victims" were sorceresses.

Who here remembers old UMS maps? - Starcraft: Brood War Message Board for PC - Page 4 - GameFAQs

The good part was the sorceress death sound was replaced with a woman's screaming orgasm. From what Etrip remember, it was a terrible pic of a nude Kerrigan made of pylons. I kept all of them hidden starcraftt on the hard drive so my brother would never find them.