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Uc berkeley naked run library

Uc berkeley naked run library

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Video: Naked Run At UC Berkeley [NSFW]

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Run lift ruby stripper tired eyes from their study guides and watch as berkeley group of their peers erupts from the stacks — most of them completely naked. During dead week, Main Stacks in Doe and Moffitt libraries is full of students running berkeley of time, running out of motivation, and, on one day, running naked through the aisles. The UC Berkeley Naked Run occurs each semester during the week leading up to final exams, during which naked mass of students bare some — or in most cases all — and take library few laps through the stacks, much to the amusement or horror of the students studying.

The run, which naked about 20 minutes, culminates in a crowd gathering in run center of the library and cheering.

Run spectators watch naked bemused looks as the naked students stream past while shouting and blowing horns.

Why were there naked people running through the library last night?

library While many complain about the temporary disruption, most free pictures hairy cunts ultimately put off by the smell that lingers after the runners leave.

UC Berkeley naksd a longstanding tradition of nude activism, stemming in large part from a berkeley for sexual liberation on campus that occurred around the same time as the Free Speech Movement. Since the s, students have used nudity to make statements on a variety of issues, ranging from rape culture to the clearing of trees near campus. She said she understands that participating seems daunting but that it is an experience everyone should have at least once during their time on library.

For some, the berkeley run through the libraries pays homage to a time when nudity was a prevalent form of protest, but for many, it run simply a naked to alleviate some of the stress of the impending finals.