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Vintage stencil design

Vintage stencil design

Stencils from the world's largest collection of stencil designs. What's new and What's Hot.

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Television and magazine features. The Crown Paint collection.

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Custom sizes and designs. Privacy policy and cookies. Nearly seventy repeating pattern stencils that range from the modest and traditional to the unashamedly large vintage flamboyant. Click the stencil designs for sizes, prices and ordering information.

Vintage Stencils

VN - Sticky Weed. Design - Bare Trees. This page of stencils from stencil range of Vintage Stencils and Stecnil accessories shows the natural world stencils. The other sections of our Vintage stencil range are: For design brushes, paints, gilding supplies, and all other stencilling sundries, don't forget to check stencil our accessories section.

For a stencil of suitable paints and oil sticks see the stencil paints section of our vintage. Almost all our stencil designs can be design as wall stenci, or floor stencils.