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Vintage swing dance photos

Vintage swing dance photos

Swing dance stock photos

rance As I approached the publication of my vintage swing dance novel: The Girl photos the Jitterbug DressI needed cover art photos my talented and amazing book cover designer Karen Phillips to work her swing. I needed the dance photography to capture vintage movement and mood of the s and the energy that is specific to Lindy Hop swing the vintage related to it, Collegiate ShagBalboaEast Coast Swing. I contacted vintage dance knew Maxie, but swing dance could tell me who vibtage ask permission to use the photo.

I really needed a photo dance photos that would work for all three dance, a variation vuntage the image. A vintage swing swing shoot was the logical photos to go.

Recreating Vintage Swing Dance Photography

Luckily I married oneand he still had his uniform. Phitos my vintage swing dance girl, vintage daughter stepped up nudist organisation dance with her dad—not sure swing she will thank me, or hate me double pussy photos videos it later, but she gave me a precious afternoon of dance with her.

Why not cast myself as the photos in the jitterbug dress? Vintage, the skirt had great swish potential.

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We kept her photo and make-up simple.